“I like to adapt nostalgic designs with a story to modern life and contemporary style. There are also ‘Juliette Women’ seeing stylish women carrying my designs always inspires new collections.”

Juliet Vert, a member of a family that started jewelry business in Istanbul in 1937 and has been continuing for three generations, preferred corporate life in the first years of her career, but her interest in jewelry and family tradition came to dominate in 2015, she created “Juliette”.

During her education in Paris, she drew great attention with her first collection inspired by the cosmopolitan and nostalgic colors of Istanbul, with the impressions the city left on her.

 Bearing traces of history, but modern, simple but noticeable designs, Juliette has drawn the attention of leading prestigious chain stores while creating an audience of its own. One of the most important features that transform Juliette into a successful brand is that it can demonstrate the quality-oriented understanding passed on from family, in every field from workmanship to after sales support.

Julyet Vert continues to tell stories inspired by the never-ending inspiration of Istanbul and its ageless spirit as she designs the exciting details to add to her next collection in her workshop in the Grand Bazaar.


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